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Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is closely aligned with Content Marketing, because you need content to effectively engage using social media. Your business should be engaging customers and prospects with content on social media sites that are relevant to your business. This can be a critical challenge for small to medium sized professional services businesses.

Social media sites are an opportunity for you to engage with your prospects in an arena that allows your prospects to learn more about you and your business. Underpinning social media marketing is content marketing. Sourcing and curating content that is appropriate for posting is the first step in social media marketing.

How to use social media

There is a “laundry list” of best practices involved in the selection of social media channel, the timing of posts,  and the frequency of posts. For example, LinkedIn is not appropriate for Twitter like communications. Twitter can be used multiple times during the day. You might walk into a trade show and immediately announce your presence using Twitter. But LinkedIn is not the best channel for incidental communications. Facebook or Instagram may be the most relevant channels to build a community if you own a restaurant, while LinkedIn is less relevant to that type of business.


While these types of “rules” exist, we believe that common sense is the ultimate determinant of how, where, what and when to post. Reach out to us to discuss the best way to use social media for your business.

Our services

We can establish your social media accounts, create an editorial calendar in conjunction with you, leverage content/information you provide for posts. We can managing your postings on a routine basis so that you never have to touch it, or we can run campaigns on a particular topic or to support a product launch.

Fill out the form below so we can show you how we can customize a social media marketing plan for you.