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Online Advertising: Google and Facebook Ads

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is a great way to get your message in front of prospects. Here are some different types of ads that can be very effective for your products or services no matter the size of your business.

Google/Bing Advertising  – “Pay per Click”

Pay per clickWhat if your ad could appear right when your prospects are searching for your products or services?  This is exactly what “Pay per Click” advertising can get you.  Pay per Click is keyword driven and what you pay is heavily based on the competition for the keyword.

Pay per click advertising means exactly what it says.  You only pay when a prospect clicks on the ad.  To do pay per click you need a specific message or offer, a landing page where the prospect will go when the ad is clicked, and the ability to receive email or phone calls and capture leads.  You also need to have a budget which is determined by a number of factors but primarily the value of the keywords that you are bidding on to appear in an ad position.

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Display network Advertising

Do you want your ad to appear on relevant sites for your business?

Search engines have display networks of other websites that are part of their properties and your ad can appear in conjunction with relevant websites in their display network.

Display advertising is done in conjunction with Pay per Click.  Click here to learn more and get started on Pay per Click for your business.

Remarketing/Retargeting Ads


These are ads that begin to appear once you have visited a particular website.  This happens because you have been tagged as a previous visitor and you are reminded of your interest in the product or service. Retargeting is often done in conjunction with Pay per Click as part of a comprehensive approach to search engine advertising.  Click here to find out how these ads can work for you!

Social Media Ads – Facebook

Statistics show that 68% of people in the US are using Facebook.  http://www.pewinternet.org/2018/03/01/social-media-use-in-2018/ This is why Facebook is an ideal place to reach your prospects whether your business is B2C (you are selling to end user customers) or B2B (you are selling your products or services to other businesses). Social media ads can be a great opportunity to reach your target audience.  You can target individuals by geography, demographics, and interests to reach those who are likely to be interested in your products or services.


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