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Digital Marketing Strategy Consultation

We offer several consulting services that can help you with the development of your digital strategy.

Digital Blueprint

Our Digital Blueprint is a ready – to – use tactical plan designed to achieve your strategic objectives. This includes a detailed assessment of your current digital approach, your digital properties (website, social media), a gap analysis, and recommendations incorporated into a tactical plan with budgeting information.

Our process involves engaging the leadership of the organization in a working session or in serial interviews, a review of current digital marketing activities, and a competitive assessment. Based on this we create a plan intended to differentiate your business and achieve objectives.

This end result is a finished plan ready for execution.

Competitive Analysis

Our Competitive Analysis gives you invaluable information and foundational intelligence that can guide your strategic decision making and help you eclipse your online competition. The activity focuses on direct and indirect competitors and bench marks performance against competition with respect to your website, you social presence, your content, and your ad spend.

The end result is a strong understanding (not a guess) of how your business stacks up against the competition so that you can recognize the gaps in your business strategy and develop the most effective action plan to outperform your competition.

Persona Development

Understanding and internalizing who your customers are is the first step to business success. You must know who your customers are, where they are, and what drives them in order to reach them with the proper messaging to get their attention. Personalized communication is critical.

During a Persona Development engagement we create a fleshed out Avatar: a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer(s) based on a combination of market research, customer demographics, and real data about your existing customers joined with your understanding of their motivations and challenges.

The outcome is a common understanding of who your customers are that guides refinement of existing offerings and developing of new offerings, along with a document that you can give to content creators to guide their messaging for your major customer types.

Conversion Optimization

Make your website more efficient at getting visitors to convert to clients. Conversion optimization identifies and fixes barriers to conversion – aspects of your online presence that cause “friction” and decrease the likelihood that a visitor will become a customer.

The process starts with a deep look at your website’s analytics and a technical assessment of your website. We then move into website design and customer conversion best practices gleaned from evaluating high volume websites that depend on website visitors to generate revenue.

The outcome of Conversion Optimization is an increased number of visitors that convert.

Social Listening

WSI’s Social Listening Service provides deep insights into any issue that is discussed on social media platforms. Get intelligence, perceptions and sentiments about your product, your company, your issue. We deploy tracking using social analytics tools able to track thousands of conversations/mentions in blogs, news, forums, twitter, reviews, Facebook, and more. This information is processed to obtain insights, trends, opportunities, influencers.

The outcome of engaging in social listening is marketing that is more in tune with, and potentially anticipates, the market.


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