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Content Marketing: Create a Relationship with Your Prospects

Content Marketing is the act of providing information that is useful to your target audience with the objective of informing your prospects, creating credibility, and driving them to take an action.

When you engage in content marketing, you are helping your prospect, who is in the process of exploring a relevant topic, to obtain the information that will lead them to a conclusion so that they can take an action.

Content Marketing activities aim to create a relationship with your prospect, establish you as an authority (because you are providing useful information),  and earn the kind of trust that can turn a prospect into a customer.  To do this you need provide credible, authoritative information consistently and routinely.

Good Content Marketing Can Change MindsWhy is content marketing important?

Buyers often do research online before they make a decision.  It’s been said that by the time a buyer goes into the store to make a significant purchase, they’re nearly 80% of the way to a decision because of the research they have done online.

It can be a plus for you when the information that a prospect reviews during the decision making process is associated with your business.  You are established as a credible source and a relationship is created.

Where is content used?

Content is used in blog posts, social media posts, website pages, white papers, video, audio, and print media.

What are common content marketing challenges?

Time is the biggest challenge in creating good content.  Good content requires research to find good sources, obtaining the basic information and organizing it so that it makes sense to your customer.  In addition, content needs to be delivered routinely and consistently so that the information is perceived as current.  In other words, one blog post in a year is not going to count as content marketing.

Most business owners and leaders are too busy to do this effectively.  The hours spent doing this may be better spent managing your team or working with your clients.

Writing skill is often the second biggest challenge.  Many business owners don’t like to write and that can be the biggest barrier to getting started.

How do we do content marketing?

Here is a high level overview of the steps we take for content marketing:

  • First, we meet with you to understand your goals
  • We identify the different media “channels” you currently use and confirm which ones we’ll continue to use
  • We lay out a content calendar and the channels that we will use
  • We identify reference or source material in conjunction with you and/or we collect content you have previously created.
  • We create content that is not “duplicated” material
  • We execute the content marketing plan in accordance with the content calendar we developed

Complete the form below and submit it to learn more about our content marketing packages and how content marketing can help your business.  We’ll get back to you ASAP!

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